Reverence is something we give and offer those in authority over us. Those who harbor a skill and posses talent. Those who we would consider to be above or better than us. We offer them respect. We give them reverence.

When I watch a video, or a film. When I see a photograph or a painting. When I hear a song or witness an accomplishment. I offer respect. I am reverent to the skill of the creator. But there is a deeper reverence to be had for the One Creator. The One who has provided us with our skills and talents and abilities.

REVERENCE MEDIA seeks to create media through the disciplines of art and technology. Through design, video, and photography that not only garners a respect of human appeal, but that points to and creates a truly deeper reverence for our Maker. Media that communicates something bigger than ourselves.

The above is a mission statement.
A personal mission statement forever.
A company’s mission statement sometime soon.

I don’t pretend to have it all together, to be all that, to even be something.
Take a look around the site.
I hope you find a few things worthy of a little bit of your reverence.
I hope to perhaps work with you in creating something worth while.
To create something that will tell your story and be a lasting memory.


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