What’s on Display?

Everywhere I turn and see
Faces, races, styles of hair, and common graces
Everyone’s got their kicks with laces, beats by dre, and cell phone cases
Breathing in, breathing out, looking about
Each unique look, yet all the same, all giving fame to someone’s name
All while looking to cast some blame

Abercrombie to Stussy, Nike and Active
Each brand repped by some, some rep them all
But that’s so common and that’s so old
Everyone rocks a tee, we all wear some jeans
But what’s the story, How’s your life
Your face tells much, others not so much
Apathetic and bored, hyper to roar, angry all the more
I can’t help but wonder who’s been elected
I can’t help but ask how will they know
If they look at me now, what do they see
A half and half race kid, black hat turned the other way
Solid white tee, Incase backpack, black Nike shorts and socks
Some old blue vans, pen and paper in hand
But not a whole lot does that tell, not so much revealed
How do I talk, and how do I walk
What am I all about, who do I fame, what do I frame
Do I bring glory to the Name
Does my face reflect true grace
Does my walk display my redemption
To whom do I bow, to whom do I offer praise
I claim my Creator’s Name, imago de
I say, occupation is slave, doulos I pray
I have the perfect Master
But do I put Him on display
Or do I betray
And enter child’s play, created for so much more
Bought with a price, yet I continue to entice
Adopted and given citizenship, but I hide away
Alien and slave, citizen and son
What do I display
All aspects or just the one
Alien to this time and place
Slave to the Perfect One
Citizen of the kingdom come
Son of the One Most High
May I display them all as one

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