Zoom Out.

Look in the mirror.
Look around you.
Look at the larger picture.
Zoom out as far as possible.
Let the view humble you.
Let the view put you in the deepest state of reverence possible.

You see, if we take an honest look around us and a transparent view within us, what we see should bring us to our knees in humble adoration and praise. We are nothing but a created being, nothing more than dirt that had the very essence of life breathed into it by a most gracious Creator.

I went hiking twice this past weekend with some good buddies. Every time I go out and experience nature it puts me in my awe. It blows my mind that trees and rocks exist and form the way they do. It blows my mind that there is wind to cool things down. Man-made buildings and devices, even of the simplest kind, put me in a place of amazement. But even more so the creation of life from nothing.

This is the view from a zoomed out perspective.
You and I are pieces of clay in the hand of the Artist.
We are merely created beings.
Created beings that are by nature rebellious towards the Creator, the Artist, God.
We have perverted and twisted and broken every good thing He has given us.
We take His gifts of beauty and turn them into piles of feces.
Our “good” deeds, in the perspective of the Maker, are disgusting beyond our comprehension.

We are created and even our “good” is disgraceful to the Creator, and yet, He offers love, mercy, forgiveness, and grace. That’s the larger image. Rebellious, prideful and wicked pieces of clay out of sync with the Artist holding them. The Artist has every right, and in fact would be more than just in doing so, to punish us, the clay, for all eternity. To make us pay for our sin. But instead, the Creator of the universe, the Artist of it all, chose to make the payment and take our punishment that we deserve. He did so by dying on a cross and subsequently conquering death.

You and I are created, our “good” is like dirty rags; we deserve eternal death and punishment; God chooses instead to give up His life and take our punishment and offer us grace, and eternal life. So why am I still so often consumed with myself? How dare I live a life of pride as if I am actually worth something. How dare I abuse the grace offered to me and refuse to show the same grace to those around me. It doesn’t make sense to live a life worshipping myself. A created being. A piece of canvas.

Look at the bigger picture.
Take a step back and be put in your place.
Be humbled.
Be reverent.
Be thankful.
Be in love with the God who offers life as a replacement to death.
Don’t be motivated by rules and guilt.
Be motivated by the mercy that has been given.
Don’t be so consumed with not doing something, be consumed with doing something.

Upon our creation we are slaves. Slaves to sin. Slaves to ourselves, our desires, our pride. As mentioned before, we are incapable of doing any good thing at all that doesn’t just appall God. When we receive His grace, we no longer are enslaved to that sin and our desires. We now have the freedom to do good, to really do good. Not in and of ourselves, but by and through His grace we now can live in a way that does not disgust Him, but instead is like a good smelling incense.

More time should be spent exploring the freedom of doing what is right and pure and beautiful and less time spent not doing what is disgusting and wrong. The more time spent worshipping Christ in every action and thought, the more times we choose our freedom to do good to those around us, the less time there will be to do that which is wrong and hurtful. The more we choose Christ and good things, the less we will sin.

Lord, I reverently come before you in total awe and amazement. I can’t comprehend why You offered Your life for such a wicked bag of dirt that I am. I repent and beg Your forgiveness for choosing myself and my selfish desires over You and Your perfectness. I repent of looking for satisfaction and joy in things other than You, the only One that can give true joy and true satisfaction. May I live humbly. May I always remember what I am, and who You are. Give me everyday the proper perspective of life and Your grace and power. May I be motivated entirely by Your love, grace, beauty and might. May You be my motivation. May You be the sole desire of my being. May I never forget You are the Artist in control and I merely a canvas, a small piece of Your larger plan.

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