The Yates.

The Yates family have been long time family friends. Three of them were teachers of mine in either elementary or junior high. My grandma has babysat their children which I then helped to spoil when I was home. I considered it an honor and privilege to be asked to shoot not only their family but the rest of the Yates clan. Twenty in all. Definitely the largest group I have shot, and one full of grandchildren. But it was a fun shoot and everyone was very gracious and helped make it a relaxed and fun shoot. Here a few shots from the afternoon.

Body: Canon Rebel T2i
Lenses: Canon 20mm 2.8 & Canon 50mm 1.8
Post: Aperture 3

Click the thumbnails to see the full image and not just the cropped preview.


5 Responses to The Yates.

  1. aaron says:

    good stuff, bro. great positioning of the subjects.

    watch out for those highlights, though. sun’s too bright here sometimes to do anything about, so maybe look into a neutral density filter. it acts like sunglasses and reduces bounced light.

    i’d love to collaborate sometime.
    keep up the great work!

  2. timdwright says:

    yea..tough time of day, but it was worked for everyone, so work with what you got..I am not a fan of filters at all..degrade the quality of your image, even the most expensive filters will, plus if they break they will damage the front end of the lens element, much prefer lens hoods, and if I had any reflectors that would be ideal to place on some stands

  3. Little Sister says:

    dude ethan’s pictures are my all time favorite

  4. Rebecca says:


  5. Mrs.Yates says:

    Tim the pictures turned out so awesome.They are a blessing to me. You took time and made it so easy.I am so proud of you and the fine young man you are becoming.

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