Last evening, a little after five, as I was getting ready to leave for church I could not help but notice how beautiful the sky was and the colors that were being presented to me. As soon as I got to church I headed up stairs and snapped a couple shots with the new 20mm lens I just got earlier in the morning. The downside to living in Orange County is that for things like this there are often so many buildings and cars and things in the way. So I climbed up on the roof to get a better view and snapped away again. It was a nice remember of God’s grace and majesty and creativeness. It was nice to slow for down for a couple minutes and just marvel at something beautiful. Slowing down is a hard thing to do in this part of the country. Life gets busy and doesn’t seem to ever stop. I think that is part of why I am growing to like photography and videograhpy so much. They are ways to capture moments. To slow down time. To look back and reflect. As opposed to always looking 4 steps ahead. Granted much of while I shoot I am thinking ahead about the outcome and how to edit or compose something. I guess I like to change pace. As always click on the little thumbnails below to see the full image.

Canon Rebel T2i
20mm 2.8
Aperture 3

Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

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