Tent Camp 2010 Video

Almost every year my church’s youth group goes on a 3 day camping trip called Tent Camp. It was and is always an awesome time to get away and slow down. A time to just hang out in a safe environment, a time to grow, ask questions. A time to be challenged, a time to be encouraged. This was my first time going to Tent Camp not as a teen in the youth group. I still am at a lot of activities and things just to help out, usually on the tech side of things. But even as a teen I almost never just went to an activity, I always found and enjoyed helping in some sort of capacity. Often times that capacity was in filming and recently has included editing the footage as well. I missed the first day of Tent Camp this year because of work but was able to get there at the end of the first night and stay for the rest. It was an awesome 2 day break away from work. It was awe inspiring to be outside among some of God’s beautiful creation. It was encouraging, challenging, and motivating to spend those days with awesome people. Not awesome because they are in way shape or form good or worthy of praise. But awesome because we are a part of the same community. A local community of believers that fail. That struggle and make mistakes. That don’t always have the answers. A group of flesh and blood that choose self and pride instead of the Creator of all things. A group of people unworthy of grace, but recipients none the less. Recipients of grace, not for our own sakes, but for His own name’s sake. God’s glory will be extended and displayed regardless of how often we fail and choose something other than Him as Lord of our lives. And only because of His grace are we allowed to participate in displaying His glory. At the end of days, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Christ is indeed Lord of all. And because of God’s grace, I am privileged to bow my knee now, I am empowered to confess His lordship now. I don’t always though, and I often fail and bow to my self and confess my own worth, but because of His grace I am enabled to repent and bow back down to the One who made me. For those of you who were there with me, thank you and may the following video serve as a reminder of those moments. For those who were not able to be there, may you find the video interesting visually at the very least, and perhaps a lot more at the very best.

| August 9-11, 2010
| Shot on a Canon Rebel T2i
| Edited in Final Cut Express 3.5

If I had “Vimeo Plus” I would upload the actual HD version, but alas the HD version was 800 + megabytes, so I had to settle for standard definition and loss of quality and an increase in graininess. Hope you don’t hold it against me too much.

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