Bandit would happen to be the name of the dog that is about to appear in the following images.
My friend John recently purchased a Canon Rebel T2i and was kind enough to let me shoot with it tonight at a youth group activity of soccer night. The stills all primarily revolved around Bandit and his owners. The video which is to come (hopefully soon) will be primarily of the group playing some soccer.
It was a lot of fun to play around with the camera and has further established it as the camera I am aiming to purchase. All edits were done in Aperture 3. Click on image and it will open showing the entire image and from there you can click on through in order if you so desire. Hope you enjoy.

3 Responses to Bandit

  1. Hannah Berg says:

    i did not enjoy this. you could say i thoroughly disliked it…

    cant you ever do something that people might actually relish.

    dude wouldn’t that just suck/stink if someone wrote that about anything you did….

    i would probably sob…. a lot!

    you would probably have to wash your blanket because of this huh.. cause it would be soaked in your tears..

    but in all seriousness i rather liked this.. it was very enjoyable because i mean hello look at the focus of all these pictures, BANDIT! one of the cutest dogs EVER!!! :)

  2. Nicole Makari says:

    It’s a beautiful thing to be in love with a dog. He’s such a joy everytime i’m with him or think of him….. Great captures.

  3. Love the sunny-ness feel in the photos! And cute dog too!

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