Bridge of Sorts

This is my first post at this location. I have crossed the bridge so to speak from my old website here to a new location. I had blogged before previously while in high school. Everything from general life updates, to my thoughts on topics, truths I was learning, and even a poem here and though. I am not exactly sure how my blogging on this site will be. It will always be my desire to post and declare truth. But I am also seeking to use this as a space to display some of the media I have worked on or will be working on. If you have not read the about section on the site yet that will provide a more specific and detailed reason for the site. And at the exact time I really would like to get back into this while blogging thing. So we will just have to wait and see how this plays out. Hopefully what you find here will not be a total bore for you. But I make no guarantees. My hope is to eventually be able to create and post some interesting, thought provoking videos, photographs, and designs. And every now and then point you to some one else’s awesome work and creations. Some of which can already be found through the links down at the bottom.

live love.
breathe surrender.
with reckless abandon.

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